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The services we provide as a building design and drafting service are to assist you in obtaining permits from the relevant authorities, and to supply you with detailed documentation for your builder.

As part of this process the following services are provided:

  • Site Consultation
    Meeting with the client at their property to discuss the proposal and understand their needs. Measure any existing buildings and features on the property, establish site orientation and determine the extent of surrounding buildings.

  • Sketch Plans
    Preparation of conceptual sketch plans based on the brief and information obtained at our site consultation.

  • Planning Drawings
    Preparation of planning drawings as per approved sketch plans, and relevant authority requirements.

  • Construction Drawings
    Documentation of detailed working drawings as required for obtaining a building permit.

When preparing and collating the documents for approval, we may be required to consult other building practitioners for their relevant knowledge in particular areas.

These include Land Surveyors, Town Planners, Geotechnical Engineers, Structural & Civil Engineers, Energy Raters & Building Surveyors. The engagement of these consultants will be confirmed with the client prior to the commencement of any work.


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